marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

juggling projects

so poking around with short stories.  There are also novels and even novellas in progress to go out, but with short stories I consider whether to go back to the trunk to pull out more tales.

There's also the question of whether to put out SF and fantasy into separate collections.  (Or maybe lump in a steampunk story into the SF.)

And there's the burning question of new stuff.  The problem with working on lots of different things at different stages is when you shove things on the backburner, you need more stuff in an appropriate stage.  If something is not being outlined, or the first draft written, it's not going to be ready to be revised.


Pulling things out of the trunk took a lot of time last year.  I shall have to try to juggle new stuff.  (And given that my stories are now tending longer, I may have a fun time filling up a collection.)
Tags: genre: fantasy, genre: science fiction, genre: steampunk, my stuff, outlining, revision, writing

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