marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the superman employment agency

That Astro City book hit on something I've been wrestling with for a story, but which many treatments of superheroes, even deconstructions, don't hit on:  Crime and crime-fighting are not your only career options.  And that's not even including those who would ignore it.

A mathematical genius might ignore the discovery he could fly.  But another might take up painting or window washing, or substitute for the entire news helicopter.  A lot would be useful in the special effects area.  Searching dangerous locations would be ideally done by astral projection or intangible characters.  Heat powers would be useful for a glassblower.  Plant growing for a florist.  Invulnerability for a stunt double.

Mind you, some are local color, either bit characters in the background, or a little detail that probably doesn't drive the plot, but there's a lot of jobs that superpowers would be real useful for.  A much neglected area.
Tags: world-building: economics

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