marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

ah, dear

So the heroine goes and toddles down the road and happens on the library.

It was intended to give her some contrast with the boisterous, rowdy, overbearing Wolf Hall.

But it was the librarians who let her in, and one of them worried over her, and I was vaguely thinking about having her feature later, after Margery escapes Wolf Hall.

Whereupon the muse smartly said that if she visited Margery at the hall, she would have to hide, most likely, and then she could stumble on the room with what Margery needs to escape. And Margery could find it searching for her, not just by accident. How elegant, except. . . .

Lenore Brownington, what am I to do with you afterward? It would change the story entirely for you two to stick together after that room and what you found there. But I don't think you would just leave her alone. . . .

Perhaps she circles about back home, and later receives visitors to tell her Margery's safe. . . .

Tags: orchestrating characters, plotting, setting (interaction)

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