marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

adventures in escape and weather

I was pondering the matter of leaving Boskone -- Sunday or Saturday? -- owing to the storm and a burning desire to not make it Monday.  (I commuted from a Boston con once.  Not fun.)

Got up this morning, turned on the TV, and found they were closing the T tomorrow.  Wel, that simplifies life.  I parked at Alewife and took the T in rather than deal with Boston traffic and parking.  So I check out early, and in the midafternoon -- not long after it starts snowing -- I head for the T.

Announcements of substantial delays owing to a "medical emergency."

After some time, we get shooed upstairs, told there's a bus to take us onward.

There isn't.

So there we are, standing in the cold and the snow, and the accumulating slush.  Shuttles keep arriving, jam-packed or able to take on just a few passengers.  And it's not clear where they are going, like how can I get to Alewife?. . . Finally, after my toes are certain they've been amputated and replaced with ice cubes, one arrives with only a few and we flood on.

At the next station, there's confusion about how to go on, but I end up back on and onto the next station, where we are ushered out and told the trains are going again. Chalres MGM, also known as the station where the waiting space is open to the air. . . .

A train arrives.  Any other time, we would have thought it pretty full.  This time, people talked about how it wasn't that bad even none of us got a seat.

And so we escape.  It only takes three hours to get out of Boston.

During which it has been snowing, and accumulating.  Drive very, very, very slowly.  . . .

It wasn't only the original wait that it cost me in time.

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