marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Father, You Made Me

Parent-child relationships.

Mentioned Frankenstein in the panel description, but roved over a lot of more traditional ones.

Father-son particularly.  How you get, like Obi-Wan, substitute father figures, but not so much substitute mother figures.

How the Grimms substituted the stepmother for the mother in the second edition of their tales -- in Snow White and Hansel and Gretel -- partly because they realized their audience was children, not folklorists, and Mom was probably reading the tales, partly because of the great cult of motherhood arising.   Of course, merely dying doesn't rule Mom out.  Cinderella is the odd-ball in her type; Aschenputtel in Grimm is more typical, being helped by the tree on her mother's grave and the doves in it, which is found all sorts of Cinderella-type-types.

And the great father-daughter relationship:  the Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter.  An age-old type, where she is the Ogre's, the Witch's, the Devil's even, Beautiful Daughter who helps the hero flee in fairy tales.  Also in Norse myth, where the giants' beautiful daughter helps the gods.
Tags: boskone, fairy tales (retelling), families: parent/child

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