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Monster Hunter Alpha

Monster Hunter Alpha by Larry Correia

Spoilers ahead for the first two.

A different book from the first two -- for one thing, Owen, so far from being the point of view character, doesn't appear.  Mind you, Earl, who is the major POV, grumbles about him a few times as a nasty accountant who wants him to be more careful with equipment.  It's also a third-person and has a number of points of view.

But a military man, whose command he had served under while earning his PUFF exemption (that is, there's not a bounty on his head for being a werewolf), comes and tells him about an old enemy of theirs moving.  Earl goes to deal with him personally, even while he works on a journal to help cope with the demon-inflicted memory loss.

Meanwhile in a small town, werewolves are starting.  A deputy gets mauled.  Monster Control Bureau bureaucrat Agent Stark gets the task and sneakily informs a monster hunter company, a small one founded by a man kicked out Monster Hunter International, so they can go in and get the bounty and split it with him.

Perhaps he would not have if he had known that things were really going to blow up.

The plot includes something that belonged to a character named Koschei the Deathless, a cop who had to quit her big city job to move home for family problems, a mine that had a disaster, a journal by a man who got advice from Baba Yaga, a witch who has appeared before, tales of the priest who helped Earl when he first changed, talk between old rivals, and much more.

Warning that this book has a high death toll. Also, some point-of-view characters may be unpleasant to be in the head of.
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