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Marvels by Kurt Busiek

Busiek takes a look at the superhero world of Marvel.

The detailed art reflects the story well.  He weaves together stories over decades to show how the world felt to an ordinary human character, a news photographer.  He saw the first, with the Submariner and the original Human Torch, and Captain America.  Later, he sees the Fantastic Four and the Avengers -- and the X-men.  And Galactus.  And Spiderman.  He spends a lot of time pondering humans' reactions to them.  Once he berates some complainers for their ingratitude, and another time, he catches Jonah off guard and hears him admit that he can't measure up to Spiderman.

It doesn't quite resolve his story as well as I would like, but it's a fascinating look.
Tags: fiction reviews: superheroes, graphic novel/manga

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