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Villains Inc.

Villains Inc. by Marion G. Harmon

The second Wearing the Cape book, in which life goes on.  For instance, in the opening scene, when Hope is trying to hang out with her friends, a godzilla comes out of Lake Michigan to attack the pier.  (Spoilers ahead for the earlier book.)

She talks with Shelly about it.  Turns out that godzillas are turning up "early" -- before they would have in the timeline before the Teatime Anarchist changed things, the last timeline that he was able to give them.   And then Astra gets called in to check out first a bank robbery -- by a shapeshifter -- and then the murder of a person connected with it.  A rather nasty murder.  And Shelly tells Hope that in the previous timeline, this murder had been committed at a different time, to be followed shortly by the murder of their teammate Blackstone, in the same unpleasantly distinctive manner, which was never solved.  She told him, of course, and his reaction did not lead her to think he would avoid the investigation that led to it.  Jacky reacts rather strongly to the news, and Hope is onto the task of trying to solve a murder before it happens when their own team detective can't.  Among the other things. . .

The team got shaken up, obviously, after last book, and it's a bit underplayed. I'm not surprised that Riptide's on the team, but I would have expected a bit of story about it; after all, Veritas is there to check him out. Seven is a surprise. And Lei Zi needed more intro. Even if Hope was grieving too much to pay much attention, a little would have helped.

But expect for that, we have the life of a superhero carrying on.  It involves Shelly and Hope deciding they can change the future, too; Hope's attempting to use the carrot and the stick on someone who could help, and ending up getting it because villains attacked him; the mob's having recruited the title Villains Inc. and their unofficial deal with superheroes; a robotic dragon; Hope's having dreams of a fox; anti-superhero agitiation, and a lot more.
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