marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Bite Me: Big Easy Nights

Bite Me: Big Easy Nights by Marion G. Harmon

Another Wearing the Cape work.  Technically out of the main sequence -- published after but occurring before Villains Inc. -- and it's all about Jacky, alias Artemis, not Hope/Astra.  Best after Wearing but it or Villains Inc. can go in either order.

She's doing a little job for DSA.  And working with the local (New Orleans) cops to help them work out which locations are letting vampires drink the blood of the underaged.  Which she does do, without mentioning that she's also investigating the possibility of master vampires, ones that can create progeny.  This was thought to be impossible, a human killed by a vampire would be no more likely than another possible breakout situation, but Jacky herself refutes it.

Helps that she can stay with her grandmother, Mama Marie, who has a lot of voodoo fame.

The resulting story includes someone trying to stake her, a vampire who fences, a priest who works for a special Vatican department, the problems with cemetaries for most vampires, the vampire classification of people into Lucies and Minna -- by hair color, a good lawyer, a surprising discovery about the cop working with her, a discussion of the nature of supernatural breakouts (that is, not classic superhero mold but more folkloric), and much more.
Tags: fiction reviews: superheroes

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