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Small Town Heroes

Small Town Heroes by Marion G. Harmon

Another Wearing the Cape novel.  Spoilers ahead for earlier ones.

Hope and the Young Sentinels, still not old enough to legally fight villains, are off doing disaster relief with a flood.  (Disaster relief is actually a big chunk of superheroics.)  Another team -- from a reality show -- also show up.  Trouble ensues.

And they get pulled, and Hope learns it may be trouble from their certification point of view.  They're grounded until the investigation is over.  Though Hope, being the only heavy hitter handy, is sent to a bank robbery, where someone from the team shows up.  Her intention is to apologize, but she has her dragon help without quite realizing the danger the robbery poses to her.

Meanwhile, Hope dreams.  Kitsune is back, it seems -- and shows her a town on fire.  Shell, with all her powers, can't track it down, but Jacky can.  Hope uses the resulting knowledge to get herself into a top secret government base.  There, the tale unfolds.  It includes some ramifications from a wish that Hope had not realized; a bed-and-breakfast; a challenge coin; a strange ring Ozma gives her and when she learns to use it; the Most Serene Republic of Cuba; someone assigned to watch a team who manages to help by watching from the right place; Hope's meeting some friends of Jacky's from New Orleans; Hope's being told something she already knew, and having to act quite surprised; and much more.
Tags: fiction reviews: superheroes

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