marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

things that go bump in the night

the rule of three was bugging me.  That's the thing about retelling fairy tales, one expects the tropes to be respected. . . and I needed the prince to meet three people with problems.

So finally I decided to make it that old fairy tale stand-by, a ghost.

Now, I had just read a bit about an Icelandic saga where they handle a ghost by suing it for trespassing, thus forcing it out.  Toyed it a bit with using it.  But no, it's not very fairy tale like.

Just had them tell a story on the way to -- about how a hero managed to deal with other ghosts by staying all night --, and then on the return, find the gold that has to be given away.  I can always use the lawsuit in another tale. 0:)

and then on to the little question of how I can make it last long enough.  In a fairy tale, no one calculates time closely enough to tell whether the hero's wife really could have given birth just as he returned.  At most, it declares, "Speedily a tale is spun; with less speed a deed is done," to indicate it takes a while.  sigh
Tags: fairy tales (retelling), idea development, story time, world-building: creatures

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