marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

counting the servants

I know just when the prince's story starts.  On his seventh birthday.

The important thing is the hunt, but there's also the point that he's transitioning, entirely, from having female attendants in the nursery to all the servants in his household being male.

So, naturally, I go, hmmm, and how many servants is that?  three, four, a dozen, more?

A bit hard to research.  Most talk about the entire household for a king.  Naturally, the prince isn't going to have his own kitchens, or stables.

and the irony is that none of them except his tutor are going to be significant. . . except, come to think of it, insofar as they provide a foil for the tutor.  But that, they can do en masse.  (At least this far; I know perfectly well how characters can suddenly manifest unexpected traits.  Though, in this story, being useful to the prince is not really one fo them.)
Tags: orchestrating characters, world-building: courtesy, world-building: royalty, world-building: servants

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