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Rincewind in Discworld

Two more Terry Prachetts, both featuring Rincewind in his final form.

Interesting Times

Off to China the Counterweight Continent. It lies knotted in politics as the emperor dies without an heir, and from it, Ankh-Morpork gets a message demanding "The Great Wizzard." Once they find the hat, they deduce Rincewind is meant, transport him to the University, and coerce him into getting sent there.

Where he disrupts the testing of a "Barking Dog" -- cannon --- and finds that Cohen the Barbarian is there, with a few other elderly barbarian heroes to form the Silver Horde. Also there is a Red Army trying to overthrow the Empire. And a subversive essay about what a man did on his summer vacation. Not to mention tax collecting, poison, spreading rumors by denial, assassins, a nobleman who wants to wear Ankh-Morpork clothes, a prison, excessive manners, and much more. also Death, who's no longer annoyed with Rincewind.

One of his weaker ones, I think. Several running gags were not up to standard.

The Last Continent

At the end of Interesting Times, Rincewind landed in Australia XXXX. Which is hazardous to his health. Meanwhile, the Librarian started to change form randomly, and they realize that Rincewind might know his name, which they need. So we have the stories about their search, and Rincewind's adventures, mostly guided by a kangaroo. It involves some interesting temporal effects. Also a desire for good ballads, a drunken bet, the danger of talking about the weather, shipwreck, paintings on stone, and much more. (Death actually stops by for a few companionable words with Rincewind en route to work.)
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