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more Pratchett

Four works by Terry Pratchett.

The Truth

In which dwarfs find a way to turn lead into gold. . . .

You create a printing press.

When they accidentally collide with William de Worde and break the engraving plate he used to send copies of his news to various foreign powers, they set it and produce more letters. And one things leads to another, with "Ankhmorpork tImes" being a typo for "Items." And they start to sell the paper.

This involves the granddaughter of the original engraver getting hired by William, a dog, the other lodgers at William's boarding house reading the papers, the advantages of dealing with a lawyer when you can put his words into the paper, an appeal to the softer side of a business man, and more.

Once More* *with footnotes

A random conglomeration of such of Pratchett's short works as they could dig up. (he was a journalist; ephemeral was an understatement.)

but we get feral chickens crossing the road. A defense of The Lord of the Rings as the best book of the century.  The story of the pixy that brought down a nuclear power plant and the PR task of corralling that one -- especially when the engineers aren't willing to get behind the line that no one believes it.  Orangutans.  And more oddities in fiction and non-fiction

Going Postal

A forger is trying to escape his cell before his hanging, and discovers it is carefully set up to look possible. So the next morning, they hang him, and the next face he sees is the Patrician's. Who gives him a job offer: to get the Post Office up and running again. He finds that it is stuffed with letters decades old, never delivered, and staffed by an old man and a young one who's obsessed with pins.  And, it turns out, that several men have recently died in his post, and he's the rival of the clacks, which are suffering from breakdowns.

The story winds on with a visit to the Lady Sybil Free Hospital, an appeal to gods, asking a woman out to dinner before riding off on a horse, the Golem Trust, an exceedingly old messenger, the way the mail coaches still were in business, fraud that's too hard to prove, and Discworld style hackers.

Making Money

The return of Moist von Lipwig. spoiler warning for Going Postal.

The post office is running merrily alone -- Moist has even had to testified against a forger who made stamps -- and Moist's fiancee Adora Belle Dearheart is out doing something for the Golem Trust.  And someone is trying to break into the Post Office building.

Turns out it's Moist, who is bored.

Well, the Patrician has a job offer -- running the mint -- and Moist declines, most decidedly, but alas, he has come to the attention of the chairman, a very old widow.  She sees through him at once, and makes her dog her heir, and then leaves the dog to him.  He has no choice.

Well, the job involves finding a better engraver, the Department of Postmortem Communications, the ancient city of Um, where first they made golems, the difference between clowns and accountants, collecting small deposits, the unimportance of gold, and much more.
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