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My dead-tree editions are now available from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble now, as well as CreateSpace. Possibly other locations, but these are those I know about:

Curses And Wonders
A collection of tales of wonder and magic.

A prince sets out to win his way to the dragon's lair.

A woman fights a curse on her lands.

A man returns to his castle, bringing a magical sword, and worse things.

And more tales.
Create Space
Barnes & Noble

Enchantments And Dragons
A wizard must produce justice enough to satisfy a dragon.

A young man tries to rob a tiger's lair.

An enchantress tries to keep a court safe while they ignore the perils of
misusing her magic.

A lady finds that court intrigues can spread even to the countryside.

And more tales.
Create Space
Barnes & Noble

A Diabolical Bargain
Growing up between the Wizards' Wood and its marvels, and the finest university
of wizardry in the world, Nick Briarwood always thought that he wanted to learn

When his father attempts to offer him to a demon in a deal, the deal rebounded
on him, and Nick survives -- but all the evidence points to his having made the

Now he really wants to learn wizardry. Even though the university, the best
place to master it, is also the place where he is most likely to be discovered.
Create Space
Barnes & Noble

Madeleine and the Mists

Enchanted pools, shadowy dragons, wolves that spring from the mists and vanish
into them again, paths that are longer, or shorter, than they should be, given
where they went. . . the Misty Hills were filled with marvels.

Madeleine still left the hills, years ago, to marry against her father's will.
If her husband's family is less than welcoming, she still is glad she married
him, and they have a son, two years old.

But her husband's overlord has fallen afoul of the king. And all his men fall
with him, including her husband.

She sets out, to seek the queen and try to bypass the king -- and the Misty Hills.

Some things are not so easily evaded.

Create Space
Barnes & Noble
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