marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

throw another fairy tale on the fire

So my muse was thinking about a fairy tale I read in a collection of Russian fairy tales that in fact collapsed two tales, and thinking hey, maybe that could be the central plot of a fairy-tale-mashup, with the ending elaborated a bit. . . neither one was a Pop Culture Top 20. . .and five second reflection continued it from its unhappy ending with a third not-Top-20 tale.

And then another thought said, "How about just sticking it in the second fairy-tale mashup you're working on?"  Someone could tell it as part of the history; I like having a lot of background fairy tales; and it might not even work as a stand-alone central tale.  For one thing, the heroine would have to have a very odd point of view, being made out of snow.

Ah, decisions, decisions -- as soon as I thought of that, I realized where I would put it in the second mash-up.  Where I haven't even started the list of included fairy tales.  (I ought to start that list.  Not quite as crucial as the character one, but still useful.)
Tags: fairy tales (retelling), idea development, inspiration

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