marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

how amusing. . .

Got some ideas for a story.

Not, you notice, a story idea.

I have a series of SF art that want to link up -- in a story utterly different than the source -- and I have four main characters and ideas for a few more, and the knowledge that there will be at most eight, and their setting (both the space station (probably) and the universe(s)), and the outlines of the problem (for instance why the story will have at most eight characters), and even the title.

None of these are a plot.  A plot arises when these things collide to produce a sequence of events chained together by cause and effect and by the arc of the story.  What I've got is a sequence of scenes.  One or two are action -- an abduction, for instance.  But most are character moments or philosophical discussions about the possibilities.  And even if they were all action, they've got to flow.

Naturally, the muse thinks it's fun. . . .
Tags: characters, idea development, plotting, setting (whole story), story structure

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