marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

decisions, decisions

sitting down with the outline -- enough with notes, I know the opening scenes, and it won't jell on its own.

So I sit there and realize that I have four characters.  One man is caught outside an area effect because he had to go pick up a delivery outside normal hours -- a combination of wasting time decyphering badly filled out forms, and slacker co-workers -- and one woman and two youngsters are because of a problem with a bus-equivalent, such that they could only cram as many as they could on one bus.

(No one who ought to be there is, which is what we call a Clue.  If I have puzzled out the story right.)

Now, all I have to do is put down one with sufficient omninous foreshadowing. . . but one has to be first.  Which means I've got to pick one.   sits turning around the scenes, like faceted jewels, trying to get them to fit together in order. Perhaps I shall start with the light -- the event has omnious lighting effects, and would get them in trouble.

And meanwhile, it occurs to me that I really need to nail down whether this is a space station or a planet.  The light and darkness indicate that strange things have happened with time, but it could be done with the station -- a little more difficulty to be sure.
Tags: beginnings, outlining, setting (whole story)

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