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Portuguese Folk-Tales

Portuguese Folk-Tales by Consiglieri Pedroso

A collection of Portugeuse fairy tales.  Folk variants, with a few where I think the plot got a bit garbled in the telling and not straightened out in the editing.  (Oral transmission. . . .)

I recognized all the tales, but only at a very high level for some of them. There's a Cinderella figure who goes to the races, not the ball. A servant who rescues a lot of princes and princesses by picking lemons and limes. A frog-princess tale, only with a tick. And more.

There's a concentration of motifs that I've only seen a few scattered places before. The woman who tricks the daughter into persuaded her father to make her her stepmother. The old woman who persuades the hero to tie up his beasts because they scare her. The offer of a choice of fates: misery in youth or age.
Tags: fairy tale reviews, fiction reviews: pre-20th century

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