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more Cloak Society

The next two books of the trilogy by Jeramey Kraatz.  Spoilers ahead for the earlier book.

Villains Rising

This opens with our heroes -- that is, the defectors from Cloak, and the Junior Rangers, the only Rangers still at liberty -- holed up in a Ranger safe house. Gage is working on a way to rescue the Rangers, Amp is not sure that they really won't support Cloak.  A strange boy notices them.  And Misty's mother gets on the TV to make a passionate plea for her poor kidnapped daughter, much to Misty's horror.

Then Gage needs them to raid the Cloak base, and the consequences of that ensue.  (Part is that they discover what Cloak was already up to, against them.)  It involves a playhouse and its catwalk; training themselves; pizza and ice cream; Amp's confessing something to Alex to encourage him; an actual kidnapping, and more.

Fall of Heroes

It opens with a fight -- a distraction -- as the rescue mission goes into full blast in hopes of saving the day from the machnications of Cloak.

It involves a good look at the horrors of the Gloom, more history of Cloak and the Rangers, an adult not listening to the kids when he should have, the lessons that both superheroes and supervillains learn that don't involve their powers, a nice way of dealing with teh problem of keeping the children the protagnostis when there are responsible adults around, not wearing masks, plenty of parent (and parental substitute)-child relationships, and more.
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