marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

after the wedding

I mentioned that fairy tales don't stop after the wedding, didn't I?  And didn't back it up?

All right, here I back it up.

In Brother and Sister, the king finds Sister and Brother (in his deer form) in the woods, brings them back, and marries Sister.  Then her stepmother finds out that Sister was not, in fact, torn up in the forest and acts on it.  Again in The Wonderful Birch and Ashpet, the Cinderella figure's wedding doesn't mean that her persecutors have given up.  In The Singing, Springing Lark, the married heroine parks her baby with her sister while she goes chasing after her husband in dove form; a lot of animal brides and bridegrooms have gone through the wedding and even had children with the main character before the prohibition is violated.

Indeed, in The White Duck, The Three Little Birds, and The Witch in the Stone Boat, the story starts with a wedding.  Then the fun and games start.
Tags: fairy tale tropes, families: matrimony

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