marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

The Law of Superheroes

The Law of Superheroes by James Daily and Ryan Davidson

Two lawyers looking at the comic book world and the law.

Obviously mostly based on our universe's laws, sometimes speculating on changes that superheroes would make.  (Sometimes not.  It observes that the FAA governs those who fly by means of contrivances, not those with innate flight powers, without noticing that rule would change, like, fifteen seconds after we had our first innately powered flight.)

Covers everything from constitutional rights, to intellectual property and whether you can sue for invasion of privacy if your secret identity is revealed or if a psychic reads your thoughts.  The problems immorality causes in the Rule Against Perpetuities.  What would resurrection do to laws against murder and to estates.  What sort of corporate structure would best suit most superteams?  What sort of rights would Atlantis, underwater, have to territorial waters?

Interesting stuff.
Tags: non-historical non-fiction reviews, superpowers, world-building: law

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