marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

superpowered jobs

You know, there would be a lot of jobs in a world with superpowers that would be necessary because of superpowers.

And not just the life of crime.

A lunatic asylum, or anywhere where a super might get agitated, would be an excellent job for someone with invulnerability.  For that matter, it would also help for a foster parent for superpowered but troubled kids.  Well, some superpowered kids.  A speedster kid probably would be better off with a speedster foster parent.

A speedster would also be able to serve papers on a lot of dangerous superheroes.

A school for the superpowered would benefit from people who could see invisible characters, were invulnerable, were strong enough to counter any kid's strength, were fast enough to catch any kid. . . .

I've heard a hypothesis that the reason all the gadgeteer heroes don't change the world is that their inventions merely counterbalance the danger and damage from having superpowered fights. I doubt it. It might be no better than today, but it would be different. For instance, smaller cities mean less stuff within the damage radius of any given fight, and the gadgets could help with the communication and transportation to make these work as well as larger cities.
Tags: superpowers, world-building: economics, world-building: schools, world-building: technology

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