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Sweetness And Light

Sweetness And Light: The Queen Anne Movement, 1860 1900 by Mark Girouard

A look at a movement.  With particular emphasis on the architecture.

Indeed, one might have to have a dictionary handy to deal with some of the architectural details.  But it traces it from a revolt against -- or development of, if you take the other side -- Gothic style, equally disliked by the practitioners of the classical style.  The addition of delicacy to the art of architecture.  Its expansion from houses (popular with artists and up-and-coming hostesses) to stores, where even the leaded windows were accepted for the shop windows, and pubs.  It also goes into interiors, pointing out that Queen Anne is responsible for the Victorian reputation for overfilled rooms, furniture (less than impressive), picture books, and gardens.

There's also a chapter on American Queen Anne style, with emphasis on how American architects used it as inspiration for basing their designs on colonial style; whereas the British style leaned heavily on brick, in America, it was the shingle style for its dominant motif.
Tags: history reviews: 19th century-wwi

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