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Secret Origins

Secret Origins by Michael C. Bailey

The first book in the Action Figures series

Carrie's parents have divorced, Carrie's mother went to back to her home town (which has been having trouble with rogue robots) and brought Carrie, and Carrie only manages to avoid being late her first day in school by -- flying.  She had been given superpowers by an alien.

Meets some kids in school.  One, Matt, is rather annoying, until he reveals he saw her fly -- and that he himself can produce objects out of nowhere. He offers to introduce her to some others. On the way, they meet one of the rampaging robots and are not much help. The superhero Concorde (of the local superteam the Protectorate) saves the day and, seeing Matt, tells him in no uncertain terms that he should have listened the last time and stayed out of it.

So Matt introduces her to the others:  Stuart, strong and invulnerable; Sara the psychic; and Missy with her strength and ninja abilities.  Matt, the superhero geek, is the one who really wants to be a team. Meanwhile, Concorde comes down on the guilty company, and the worker responsible makes plans.

It involves an Internet connection, Sara's knowing a member of the Protectorate because of training to keep her powers from killing her, a villain from Concorde's past, a coffee shop, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, bad news from Stuart's past, and more.
Tags: fiction reviews: superheroes

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