marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

technology and limits

So you want to write a steampunk story. . . well, I do.  And I want to have the hero in unknown regions.

Plausible enough on 19th century Earth settings.  Mind you, the globe was seriously getting mapped in that era.  The interior of Africa, the heights of Tibet, the deserts of the Southwest in the United States. . . .

But if you're writing steampunk with space travel?  And settled planets?  To hook it up with some other steampunk stories of mine?

Well, yes, there is no reason why the planets all have to be all explored, any more than Earth was.  Put in obstacles and all that.  Mountains are good.  So are trees, in sufficient quantities.

Winds would probably be a good idea.  If you have space travel, what is to prevent your landing in the midst of the problem?  Why, treacherous air currents!  Well, there could and probably will be other problems, like no landing field, since I can devise the technological limits of landing as I please.  (Without even worrying about the other stories, since I can just use Progress to fix the problem.  Time passes, and this is early.)  But winds will help.
Tags: fictional history, genre: steampunk, travel, world-building: geography, world-building: technology, world-building: weather

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