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military campaigns

Philosophically considering geography.  If the story requires the fight the hero's involved in -- I think as organizing the supply train -- be off in an odd corner of the world, that's going to have some other requirements.

Especially when I want his country's reason for the war to be an alliance.  A lot easier to supply the location with stuff to inspire colonization and conquest.

Main war could be elsewhere, and this a crucial little supply location.  It's industrialized enough that war supplies would need to be interdicted.  Still got to wiggle about how they have a long route to get to it, and yet it can be vital to the other side -- presumably because they have a more direct access.

Perhaps they have to go by land, while their foes can go by sea, but there are limits to how much easier that is.  Especially with dirigibles.  I can make them crude and give them limited ability to handle winds, but they do have a way of dealing with obstacles.

Tags: politics, world-building: economics, world-building: geography, world-building: military matters

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