marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

you start with what you start with

My muse has always found some how-to-write books amusing.  The ones that prescribe how to build your story and decree that you shall start with a premise -- or what have you.  You start with what the muse gives you to start with.  Mine takes particular glee in presenting me with bright, gem-like moments that have to be built back and forward to justify them.  When I'm lucky, I get several of them that can be combined in the same structure.

I have to admit it's kinda hard to be handed the denouement.  It only gives me the vaguest ideas of what the climax is like, and even less for what comes before.  (Especially since it's a rather humorous idea, which, looked at cross-eyed, revealed tragic implications.)

Tags: how-to-write books, inspiration

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