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Wrote an outline once.  Wasn't happy with it.  Poked it around a few times. . . .

Between picking out an image for the cover, finding the title, and reading another book, which gave me an idea for the setting, it's much sharper in focus now.  The heroine's personality shifted somewhat.  Even gave the hero a new name.  However, as I start once more in. . . .

You notice of cover, title, and setting, none of them are the actual plot.  That is still the original idea, however altered.  (Henry James was wrong.  Character is not plot; character in setting is plot.)  And I'm going hmm with all this additional info I still have to kick off the story. And figure out how and when the heroine meets the hero, and when the two of them figure out a significant fact about each other. (The good news about this new setting is that they can take a lot longer to work it out without being idiots.)

Tags: covers, outlining, plotting, setting (whole story), titles

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