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Personnel of Fairyland

Personnel of Fairyland by Katharine Mary Briggs

A book written so that the children of her day could hear more variety in their folklore, and rather more native folklore than foreign.

She divides up the tales by type, but warns us that the folklore of Great Britain is very sloppy in classification. And the fairies are most introduced by tale. Like the little boy who wanted a tankard of ale for his sick mother, and his tankard was such that it drained an entire cask of ale -- but the lord had promised the tankard, and so they broached another, and it filled the tankard with one drop, and later the little boy rescued the lord from captivity in France. Brownies who fetch midwives in bad weather, who disappear when they are named or given clothes, who plague families and move with them. Rescuing a "merrymaid" by bring her back to the sea, or rescuing the souls of drowned fisherman that another sea-dweller caught.

A wide array.
Tags: fairy tales, non-fiction: folklore

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