marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

where to begin

Exactly how and why, in a story ripping of "Iron Hans" and its variants, does the prince rescue the wild man of the woods?

It matters a lot for his character.  True, he's young enough that some immaturity would be excusable -- except that this is his opening act in the story.   It really matters what he does first because it really defines the character.

Not the one where he loses a toy in the cage and gets the key to get it back.  I was planning on having it happen during the hunt, but then was wrestling with how he got captured.

Hmm. . . perhaps if I up the magic influence from the forest, the prince can find himself alone beside the cage despite the number of people in the hunting party.  It is, after all, a magical forest.
Tags: beginnings, characterization, fairy tales (retelling)

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