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A story is slowly taking form.  I poked at the denouement at a few times -- you don't have to begin at the beginning for development -- and contemplated what the heroine might do with a magnificent superhero making machine.

Then I contemplated that this is an early story in a superhero universe -- positively steampunk -- and while there are some restrictions on what the machine does, if she goes to work for the government, the social and political ramifications will be enormous.  It would make possession of the atom bomb look trifling.  Strike that future for her; I don't want that setting for the stories.

Perhaps she will go into hiding. Perhaps the government will decide that it doesn't want that much power in the hands of lower-class folks and the upper-class folks think it degrading, though she might have to go into hiding even for that.

Then, of course, I have to figure out what she does do. Perhaps she goes into a line of work and uses the machine when it seems judicious. Has a secret identity and does good with it. 0:)
Tags: endings, fictional history, mad scientists, politics, superpowers, world-building: economics, world-building: military matters

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