marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the game of names

Was wrestling with names. . . .

Was thinking of a character I wanted to give a commonplace last name too and noticing that my default is always Jones -- I rejected Smith even though it's even commoner, because another character will be Greensmith -- looked at SSA's list of the most common last names in America, didn't like any of the really common ones, finally decided that it needed a more comic touch.  So at the moment, the character rejoices in the name Loveday Perkins.

And then I was wrestling with another character who didn't seem to fit and wondering whether I should cut her, or maybe change her character, except that the character was kind of stubborn.  Then I started to play with the idea of changing her name -- wise, anyway, it began with an A when another character's also did -- and that was also difficult -- and then the name "Susan" clicked, with the advantage that it, of course, brought baggage and changed the character.

Ah, the delights of names.
Tags: characterization, names, orchestrating characters

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