marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Nazi Cinema

Nazi Cinema by Erwin Leiser

A study of the Nazi flick.  Including not only the propaganda but the "pure entertainment."  And hitting on some interesting themes:  the leader principle in all sorts of movies (especially those about the poor, persecuted Germans in Eastern Europe), and dying for Germany.  Communists -- whose leaders are nasty and cowardly (and Jewish) but whose rank and file are often presented as possible Nazis.  Anti-semitic and anti-handicapped films.  The mutating treatment of the English as they came to realize that there would be no compromise.  The blatant Hitler prototypes.  And Kolburg -- their last film, written to inspire Germans to die in the last ditch at the very time when Hitler was saying that it would be better to destroy all the food so that the Germans would starve.

What is interesting is that a number of the films, with very little tweaking, could have been anti-Nazi films.  The resistance of Kolburg could be played as resistance to the Nazis.  And the poor persecuted Germans in East Europe films. . . .

Tags: ethos, history reviews: world war ii era, secondary source

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