marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

timing and point of view


There's disadvantages about unpacking the story in multiple points of view.

For one thing, I start their stories with their decisions to come.  Which means, I need to start with when and how they receive the news that there is somewhere to come to.  In sequence.  Logically enough, that means the farther off, the more time before they receive the news, and the more time they need to travel.

I was packing them in too close.  There is no way they all got that news and traveled there that quickly. Especially since Susan and Loveday get the news by train, and Tam was being intentionally raised in a remote location. Which means that I can't just briskly move through assembling them but have to make it clear what the others do while waiting, and possibly slap in some bridging conflict.

And that's when I notice that all the characters leave home without conflict.  All right, Ariana's father throws her out, but she was going that way anyway, he just hurried it up a little.  Emotionally fraught.  Promising of future problems. But not here and now conflict. Perhaps I should change that.

I think I need to restart the outline. There's only so much that can be interpolated.
Tags: discovery, orchestrating characters, outlining, point of view, story time, travel

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