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Making a list and checking it twice. . . I've never written a novel without a character list.  What other lists are prudent has varied from work to work.

List all the types of Fair Folk.  List the countries.  List the factions that want different things.

Latest outline is getting a new list.  The plot bunnies that have been started.

It has a looser weave than any other story I've worked on.  I'm not sure if it's a full ensemble yet, but certainly all seven characters will have at least subplots.  And it's a bildungsroman for all of them.  True, some things will have repercussions throughout, and I even think I know what will trigger the end and the final confrontation.

But start more rabbits to give them more adventures. . . . and that means I need to keep track of them.
Tags: bildungsroman, outlining, writing technique

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