marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

schools of magic

Need some schools of magic.  If the students are to have different interests. . . .

Even with one having no particular interest in magic except he knows he needs it to qualify for certain roles -- if you can't work wizardry to defend the realm, the rule is you can't ascend above a certain status -- the others will have them.  One likes strange stuff, one likes protective and offensive magics, the others need. . . something.  The only qualification being that no one of them can specialize in illusions.

The fun question is how long I can leave it hanging before I figure out what would be plot relevant.

Hmm. . . Dora might be interested in transformation magic.  Or perhaps curse breaking, either one would fit a possibly plot twist. . . .
Tags: orchestrating characters, plot twist, world-building: magic (technique), world-building: social structure

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