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wands and stuff

so I am working out why people would need potions or other stuff, and thinking that the most obvious effect would be permancy.  A spell, with its brief words, can hardly last long; the law of similarity decrees that like produces like.   Actually enchantments may last as long as the chant does. . . .

And then I think, What?

Okay, it would be fine for a fireball, but there are few spells where a brief effect is all you want.  Blasting something, mending something. relocating something (somewhere stable!) -- but little else.    I don't know if it would even make sense to have it change colors or the like.  The only lasting effects would probably be those with ontological inertia -- a fireball could light things on fire, which could burn on even if the spell ended, like a fire after the match goes out.

And I've already had one character teach the others a spell of certain duration that they cast with nothing but -- their wands.

And then I go -- Duh!  That's why they use wands, and preferably of durable materials.  True, to work more powerful or more durable or more delicate spells, you would need more elaborate prepartions, but to cast a spell defending you from a certain charm spell, or color your gown, or making something glow, the wand's durability will transfer well enough.
Tags: world-building: magic (technique)

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