marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

serials and fix-ups

Dickens wrote to an aspiring writer that serials had an art of their own, on top of general writing skills.  The size of the installments and the breaks between them were crucial to it.

Was idly looking at an outline and considering a fix-up -- some independent stories pulled together into a book -- and thinking that it would be really, really, really hard to pull a story out.

Even though it's a bildungsroman and an ensemble tale as well, it would be hard to unveravel all the threads and make episodes stand alone.

All the more interesting in that I started out wholly as a short story writer.  Took me years even to work up to novel length.  But now the events are too intertwined for me to cut them down.
Tags: bildungsroman, story length, story structure

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