marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

winter spring summer and fall

So the year rolls on through the seasons. . .

Which means, since several characters are acutely tuned into the natural scene, I'm going to have juggle them, too.


I think I need a calendar for this work.  Not just to remember to make it snow when they set out into the woods in the winter.  (Fortunately, I have been known to study the natural world myself, and thus can put in details, even if it means that it, like all my settings, tend to enjoy southern New England weather.)  Also to give the phases of the moon. And above all else, to structure the events.

Because "events in the course of a school year" have to be spread out over said course, and while there is some cause and effect involved, of course, the chief uniting factor is the development of the students.

(grouse.  The muse would decide to spread her wings on what is both an ensemble tale and a bildungsroman at once.)
Tags: bildungsroman, setting (interaction), story time, transition

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