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I've been reviewed!

"The Lion and the Library" and "The Wolf and the Ward":
"What can a woman do? Powerless, subordinate, dependent on family and on the good will of powerful men, Charity in “The Wolf and the Ward” and Lena in “The Lion and the Library” have nothing but wits, determination, and the will to use what they do have in order to see justice done. When magic is twisted and warped, these ladies find ways to untangle the knots and shine light on evil."
Full thing here:

Cool. Maybe I should search the internet more for them. 0:)

Curses and Wonders reviewed here:
"These are exactly the sort of stories I most enjoy reading: magical, intelligent, gentle, and featuring protagonists who never whine or feel sorry for themselves, but instead bravely do what they must. "
And here, too:

"Dragon Slayer" here:
"Dragon Slayer by Goodreads author Mary Catelli is refreshingly old school in its portrayal of a knight on a quest to kill a dragon."
and here too:
A behind the scenes look at the real work of dragonslaying.

Madeleine and the Mists here:
Engaging story that builds
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