marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

hark, hark, the dogs do bark

A circus is coming to town. . . except they don't call it a circus -- and I have to define its acts --

Knowing for certain only one thing, namely there will be no stage magic.  Since there is operative magic in the world, it would be like trying to fake a clock or something on stage in ours.

There are jugglers, and a kind of tightrope walker -- operative magic means you have to make it more impressive, a dance on spiderweb, but still a tightrope walker -- and dancing bears, and a fortune teller (prediction being a weak branch of magic, not respectable at all), and. . . hmmm. . . tame animal shows, but much more impressive than ours because -- ta da! -- you can use magic.

Perhaps a pageant.  There were traveling companies of actors, and it's the sort of world where those things are not sharply distinguished.

That does, however, need a story that will serve the (not very nice) purposes of the trope, and furthermore, echo the themes of the novel.  hmmm
Tags: world-building: festivities, world-building: magic (effects)

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