marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

and the adventure continues

With lilies.  Or more properly lily bulbs, which the students are planting, to figure out their properties. Quickly, because actually it's rather late to plant 'em.

Since Loveday's parents sent them, there are -- better than even odds that the bulbs will have interesting results. But not yet. Especially since Loveday will put her foot down on the notion of hurrying them along with magic; that can cause consequences, which confuses the question of what is the lily's intrinsic nature.

Somewhat less adventurous than escaping/rescuing from a kidnapping.

Yes it's the beginning of the book, but the problem is what happens next. The future attempt (by someone else) to kidnap needs to happen later, perhaps as the climax again, and the competition is set in the spring.

Ah, into the valley full of mist, spray paint in hand -- to blaze my path, of course.
Tags: outlining, series

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