marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

off to the fair

Sent the young scholars off to a Christmas fair.  Well, they had to do something more Christmas-y, and a fair would work.

Whereupon the muse started to talk about a fairy tale play.

With no concern for the little detail that any such play would have to resonate thematically with the main story. (And "Little Catskin" was right out since Ariana already brought up the tale and managed to escape the implications of her similarity with some grace, since she did not, in fact, end up a scullery maid, and so none of her male fellow students are singled out as the prince.)

Using "Vasili the Lucky" (Also known as "Vasili the Unlucky") Perhaps I can fit it in.

One thing this story teaches is an appreciation of a tighter plot structure.

Tags: fairy tales in stories, local color, theme

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