marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

a draft

Speedily a tale is spun, with less speed a deed is done -- as the Russian fairy tales put it -- but that was for oral tales.

Writing a story longhand, in drips and drabs during lunchtime, is actually slower than some stories.  Though -- looks at first day of writing -- this novel is actually longer than the time I spent writing it, if you include the epilogue.

But it's done, if you ignore typing it up and revising it and all that fun stuff that will probably take even longer than it took to write it.

Meanwhile, there's another fairy tale novel in progress that I can work on.  But ideas are jumping up and down for a new story. . .  I give 'em a gimlet eye and remind them that they are two stories because the main characters are of opposite sexes, and I need more even before I outline.  Because it's always easier to start new stories than to get stories out the door.
Tags: outlining, writing by hand, writing habits

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