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Twelve Dancing Princesses Tales from Around the World

Twelve Dancing Princesses Tales from Around the World by Heidi Anne Heiner

Not entirely accurate a title.  Lots of twelve dancing pricnesses, but also quite a number, in other sections, that run on some of the same motifs.   From many regions.

First we have the dancing princess(es) tales, proper, where the princess -- or seven, or three, or twelve -- dance their shoes to pieces every night.  (Only one flipflopped, with a prince instead.)  A bunch of "grateful dead" -- the real, original grateful dead -- stories where the hero is helped by such figure, mostly to deal with princesses under enchantments or with magical secrets.  Greek tales about visits to the underworld. And a final collection of various similar motifs.

More for a person interested in comparing the tales than just reading a variety, especially since they are organized by similiarity; might be better a tale or two at a time, if you just want some fairy tales.

A fair number of proud beauty princesses, who think nothing of impossible demands and having their suitors executed.  And in several of the tales the hero's reaction to success is to refuse the princess's hand -- especially when she was consorting with demons.
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