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Cinderella Tales from Around the World

Cinderella Tales from Around the World by Heidi Anne Heiner

A lot of Cinderella tales. Including Donkeyskin tales, Cap O' Rushes tales, One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three-Eyes tales, and some random tales with Cinderella motifs

The first one just has the shoe. In several variants. There are, in fact, a fair number of tales included in variants. Also, drawing on
Marian Roalfe Cox's Cinderella tales, it has a fair number only in summary. (You'd think, given the sparse style of the folktale, that you couldn't really tell the difference. You can.)

But a lot of the tales. I was surprised to see how many opened with "The Kind And Unkind Girls", an opening I've only seen twice before. (There's even one where she's the ugliest until the witch she is polite to helps her.) Lots of talking animals and mother's grave help -- with overlap, of course -- which is the commonest. But there were also a couple of Rumpelstiltskin sort of help for her, and even one where Cinderella's the ending of a tale of the Girl Helps The Hero Flee.  Very few fairy godmothers, of course.

A number of the Cap O'Rushes variants show King Lear influence.

And an amazing variant of places she visits three times -- even not counting the variants where she doesn't go somewhere -- and the troubles with sisters as well as stepsisters, sometimes backed up by your actual mother. And some interesting patterns of motifs, like some where the sisters all had washed their hands for months or years to prepare to go into service, and the older ones foolishly don't help on the way to preserve the effect. Or the ones where the heroine loses her mother by dropping her spindle into a hole (despite warnings) and turning her mother into a cow.

More a reference work for people who want to see a lot of the variations, or steal motifs, than just to read for fun.
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