marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

motives, motives, motives

One thing fairy tales tend to be sparse on is motives.  There are variants of the Twelve Dancing Princesses where we never find out if the dancing is voluntary on the princesses' part.

Was noticing it with Cinderella tales.  And why she hides herself.

The Pop Top 20 version is clear enough -- the stpemother might be dangerous.  More so in the variants where she's a witch.  But there are a lot of variants where the Cinderella figure ran away and worked as a servant.  Sometimes it's just to obey the magical helper, which just pushes it back a step -- especially since that command is more frequent when she says home, not when she's a servant.

Yet another trick to retelling one. . . .
Tags: fairy tales (retelling), motives and purposes

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