marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

red, white, and black

Once upon a time, there was a prince who saw a raven bleeding on a marble stair and wished for a bride as red as blood, as white as marble, and as black as a raven. . .

Actually, I've seen quite a few of these.  White as snow or ricotta, perhaps, or red as wine -- but a fair number of brides.  Leading into either a Faithful Johannes story or a story of a proud princess who sets impossible tasks and then beheads her suitors.  More than Snow White tales with it, in spite of having read through a whole pile of Snow White tales recently.

So was naturally puzzling with it a bit.  Two people wish for her, her mother before her birth, the prince?  Except of course that the proud princess does not mix with Snow White at all, at all -- though Faithful Johannes might.  The thing being that there would then be the prince, the Snow White, and the faithful servant/brother who is the hero of Faithful Johannes.  Complicates the plotting.
Tags: fairy tale tropes, fairy tales (retelling)

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