marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

where to begin


Two fairy tale stories.  One I begin when the hero is seven, and he meets up with a wild man of the woods, with consequences that rebound throughout the story -- but not until he's fourteen or so, except for the coldness it creates between him and his father.

And the other I begin with the heroine getting some grief from her family about something she had done several years earlier -- it's her getting away from them for a breather that starts the story.

Whereupon I ponder whether I should have the scene first, depicting it.  Even though it's not so dramatic as the scene with the wild man of the woods. . . .


One begins at the beginning of the story, which is to say, of the conflict.  The trick is discovering where that is.
Tags: backstory, beginnings, conflict, story structure, story time

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